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Art Malaysia - actively promoting Malaysian artists and art

I met Liew Kian Yap of a few years ago. I am constantly at awe at his vision, his drive and his ability to juggle his various art projects, while continuing to publish his magazine, Art Malaysia. He worked tirelessly, coordinating, planning, driving all around Malaysia to visit artists, attending exhibitions,..

Here are some of his up-coming 'projects' and his messages :

In the wide walkways of shopping malls, in hotel receptions, or the interiors of restaurants and cafes; from quiet corners to lobby areas, don't be surprised if you bump into an art exhibition! No longer confined within the walls of art galleries, clearly, art is now everywhere. And at the ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair, art is now for everyone!
Along with Malaysia's nationwide effort to promote our artists and artworks to emerge as an art hub of the region, ArtMalaysia is holding our inaugural Art Tourism Fair as a unique platform and ideal destination for artists and art lovers alike.
Our country's active arts scene is on the rise; Malaysian museums and galleries have been a scene of robust development for art. Ample space has been made available to nurture and display the most impressive artistic renditions and expressions from this region and beyond.
The expansion of art awareness and enjoyment can be attributed to the support of the leadership in this country. Indeed, art has held the attention – and affections – of many, and now, the Ministry of Tourism has launched the 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival (1MCAT) to further that.
In a similar vein, local art galleries will be encouraged to hold more exhibitions. While this is good news for the art fraternity, it also has a downside – artists will have to wait longer for their turns to showcase their pieces, as the waiting list has increased. Still, this amounts to a “good problem” and will certainly foster greater anticipation from everyone… the more the merrier!
Likewise, art auctions are gaining momentum in this country. Small wonder then, as art is seen as a viable investment in the uncertain economic climate. Art auction houses in Kuala Lumpur continue to record healthy, sales-breaking figures. Furthermore, the frequency of art exchange among other countries is on the increase.
Amid this flurry of activities, ArtMalaysia presents the Art Tourism Fair to complement the dynamic art scene by offering contemporary art in a very accessible manner to the ordinary Joe. Hence our theme – Now Art is for Everyone!
Outstanding paintings by Malaysian artists are marketed and sold at very high prices, and rightly so. This however, alienates them from many young art collectors. During the ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair, art galleries are coming to town in support of putting art into every home and office. The beauty is that you don't need to have deep pockets or dent your bank account to own a masterpiece from a renowned artist. With our 'Now Art is for Everyone' campaign, participating art galleries are selling paintings from RM1,000 to RM30,000.
Art collectors, this is your opportunity. Look out for the ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair!

Before We Lose Them Forever

Many a times we hear people express deep regret over something or a pet who is no longer with us now. I am sure this holds true to many of us. For this reason, we keep certain things in a form of memory for that something or pet, like a photo, painting or perhaps memorabilia.

Our natural environment is under severe attack due to ignorance, negligence or events beyond our control like natural disasters resulting in the rapid disappearance of many animal species. Tigers, Elephants, Rhinocerous just to name a few. The Tasmania Devil, one of my personal favourite is now gone forever! I can only see them in photos, paintings or some old films.

Towards the cause of preservation, in the coming month of June 2013 from 20th to 23rd,Artmalaysia will be holding an exhibition at the Exhibition Hall at Viva Home Shopping Mall, focusing on the Animals’ Kingdom. Many artists who specialize in animal paintings that are dear to their hearts will be there! All are Welcome, be it just to browse around, contribute or make a difference to our beloved Animals’ Kingdom.

Preservation is our duty to our future generations so that they too will be able to enjoy the beauty of all living creatures that roam our lovely, lonely planet. As our contribution to the preservation of endangered species, ArtMalaysia will be donate 10% of their proceeds of sale from this exhibition to the World Wildlife Fund of Malaysia (WWF).

Your participation is crucial to the rebuilding of our animal Kingdom. Together we can make a difference.

Langkawi Art Biennale


This initial phase of the process of "migrating" artists to this destination requires more than just a brush...
In these recent years, I have been travelling extensively around Asia. I am greatly impressed by the art activities that are held within this region. In my observation on these arty activities, they have evoked my passion to bring such similar event to Langkawi.

My yearning for such event has ignited the idea in me to organise an art biennale. I shared this idea with artists around the world and they are my correlated supporters to make this event possible. Thus, it sparked a great migration of artists to Langkawi. The convergence of artists in Langkawi then forms the Langkawi AIR (artist-in-residence). While dwelling in Langkawi, a natural and untouched island, this destination will serve its purpose for artists to express their creativity during the workshop.

Liew Kian Yap
Event Organizer

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