Thursday, 30 May 2013

1001 Malaysian Artists & Sculptors e-Directory

Art Malaysia is continuing its work which began sometime ago...

Here's the update.


29 May 2013

ArtMalaysia has organised 1001 Malaysian Artists & Sculptors event with the purpose to create an 
e-Directory and nation’s largest artist convergence with a charity art exhibition.
In the midst of organising this event, it has gained the attention of 1MCAT to support this initiative. 
ArtMalaysia is calling out to artists and sculptors  to submit an artist's photo with profile and latest 
works of arts to so that we can create a dedicated page for you with 
continuous artists and sculptors’ progress. Meanwhile, we will constantly promote your page via 
social media. In the world of technology, an e-Directory is highly convenient in which it can be 
accessed directly using mobile gadgets, thus helping to increase artist's recognition in this world 
without borders.

ArtMalaysia is a fond supporter of Global Forestry Protection. For all our publishing works, we will try 
to reduce the usage of papers. Therefore, creating an e-Directory serves the eco-friendly purpose 
and also benefits the artist at the same time with regular updates, in which the printing of hard copy 
directory is costly and unable to be updated regularly.
Art Promoter
Project Manager

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