Sunday, 10 August 2014

All things indigo!

D-Day came on 1st Aug..  Launching of Georgetown Festival 2014 - beginning with Mission Blue-Indigo House
Photo by Pek Min Han
But oops... i missed the opening as i booked my flight a little too close to launching time.

The PLACE was wonderful - It is a renovated house - Formerly housed Christian missionaries - The largest mission house in Southeast Asia.

The PEOPLE there - the gallery sitters, volunteers all work hard to get things going and in order, guided by GTF 'seniors'. There were some touch and go moments but everyone rallied together. I'm impressed!


The VISITORS were indigo lovers from all over - from locals who came from mainland, Seberang Prai to Klang Valley and across the causeway (Singapore) and tourists from Japan, Vietnam, US, UK, Australia...everywhere!


Regina Ibrahim : My Indigo Life

Tradewind Treasures -  Exhibition of Ship-wreck ceramic shard jewellery

- Made into pendants, bracelets, cufflinks

Self Edge - an exhibition of indigo artworks from around the world


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