Saturday, 2 April 2011

Learning about art - what's new?

Ever since I've been interviewing artists (for a book project), I've come to learn a lot about the sacrifices artists make for their art, the joy they get from painting and new art forms.

Now, i have increased appreciation for contemporary/popular art forms like COMICS and DOODLING.  I guess one would say that i'm ol'skool. Leonardo daVinci is till my art hero!  Have never doodled before as i would never desecrate a book (although nowadays the books I read have notes, jottings, afterthoughts and markings written all over. Scribbles, but not doodles.. hmm..). I came across this blog by one such comic lover and i must say the graphics (comics) are very detailed, professionally done and rendered beautifully. No wonder, some even call this SEQUENTIAL ART- art works that tell a story.  See for yourself -

Juxta Art at National Art Gallery
Check out also :  Raja Azeem, a young man with a talent for what i'd like to call ENDLESS DOODLING for his lines and images fill up every cm of the canvas and surfaces like stones. He calls it Juxta Art. Here's his blog :

Abby Zain's naive painting - Yusof Buaya (it actual lives in Zoo negara)
Also there seems to be a growing interest (artist & buyers alike) for a painting style known as NAIVE ART.  I guess, with all the technology and wizardry that we have now, the human being still longs for days when things were not so wired and complex. The simple painting, often defying perspective and colour balancing, garish at times and often child-like in look is finding a niche in the Malaysian art. We were told, at the ZIG-ZAG ZOO exhibition that even Balai Seni Lukis Negara has started to collect them.
Hurray for naive artists!

CARAN d’ACHE's limited edition luxury pen  (Kufi design by Shukor Yahya)
Oh, we must not forget another exciting revolution by Shukor Yahya. His frens and 'students' in Facebook call him 'Kufi Master'. Check out his beautiful blog to learn of this interesting art form, based on an Arabic font.

Hail the new era in art!!
...or was i just behind in my art appreciation knowledge... he he

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