Friday, 11 March 2011

Welcome, my dear ACG friends..

I started this blog at the end of 2007. It came as a personal need to DOCUMENT interesting snippets in the art & craft world and has also the more lofty intention of providing INFO & ENCOURAGEMENT to other creative people & ordinary folks. I find SHARING, most fulfilling for me. ... And so, i BLOG on just about any kind of craft (& a little art)...

Then in 2009, I started to feel lonely... I missed my group of frens - members of ACG, an almost defunct art & craft guild. I started by 'lending' my blog to the guild and organised the first meeting (reunion) at Annexe Gallery's Art fo Grabs event. Although only two turned up (+ a few who were manning their stalls at the event), we did manage to get inspired enuff to resurrect the guild!

Thus began the AGMs, designing membership forms, emailling, creating Facebook presence, up-dating the blog and event had a website (but was difficult to use)...

Now, in 2010, i have separated the blog entries for ACG and my personal entries and created a dedicated blog the the guild

Our 2011 AGM (Annual General Meeting) is coming up!! So if you'd like to join the guild, mark APRIL 24 (SUNDAY) 2-5pm @eco-cent$, vintage & preloved fashion store. And we're going POT LUCK (a tradition for us) -- ie.. each member brings a little food - their favourite snacks, finger food to be shared...

I would also like each one to BRING AN ITEM or two of their craft / artwork / portfolio ... so that other members can share & appreciate each other's hard-work!!

There will also be a MEMBERSHIP bring frens who share the same passion :)

Down memory lane ....
22 Dec 2007 (MY FIRST POST)

My passion for crafts lead me to a group of artists and crafters of various creative skills. I learned about ceramics, Chinese brush painting, stenciling, sculptures, oil, watercolour, ... Many have become my dear friends.

I realised that I was more interested in helping others to appreciate the arts & crafts, than doing a particular craft. People often ask me what is my craft? Well, I was into fashion designing, then costume research, then 'faux mosaic', which is one way of recycling fashion magazine pages into functional items. I made jewellery with safety pins, magazine gift wraps... I love wrapping presents!

At one time I organised exhibitions at art galleries, collected reference materials about all kinds of crafts, craft supplies & materials, wrote newsletters, press releases as part of my duty as president of the group (ACG). Those were one of the happiest times!

This goes out to my friends from the Guild. We have been trying to keep the guild relevant but I guess times change. So, I hope with this blog, we can still keep in touch and keep our interest in crafts and the arts alive. I started this blog a few days ago with the aim of launching it on Christmas Day - the most magical time of the year! A time for immersing in the spirit of friendship and camaderie (remember all those exhibition launches & crafting activities? :)) ... and sharing of knowledge, less the art of crafting diasappears completely, due to lack of practice and time, overtaken by other priorities.

Technology has changed the way we live our life .. so, let's incorporate it into our art & craft. My hope is that each of us stay in contact by logging into this blog from time to time & post comments. The beauty of it is that it's 24/7 (computer speak for 'anytime/all the time'). Those who would like to start their own blog (to introduce their art/craft to the world) can contact me / email, if you need help setting it up. It will be our 'hi-tech' craft project .. ha ha. If you already have a site, I would like to include it in my links - great for promotions and making our presence known in cyberspace!

Here's to a new beginning ... Cheers!! Merry Xmas, Season's Greetings & Happy New Year !!!

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