Monday, 3 October 2011

Reach Out to the homeless in KL

There r are a few groups who feed the homeless in KL. One such organisation is REACH OUT.  Each nite (early morning) the volunteers and their leader Pete collect & pack food donated by businesses such a PJ Hilton & Nomad Restaurant and then distribute it to the homeless people around Klang Bus Station, Central Market, Masjid Negara & Dayabumi (to name a few spots).

Their vision & mission:

“To implement programmes to deliver relief from hunger, pain, or abuse, dealing with not only the symptoms but the causes of such, through physical On Street Programmes, Awareness Campaigns, Educational Programmes, and relationships with other likeminded organizations, to provide nurture and training to the urban and rural poor and those that are in fear or in need, regardless of race, gender, religion, or culture”.

Reach Out is a non religious, non political, Community Action Group, which consists of volunteers working with the homeless, the rural, and the urban poor in Malaysia.

From their experiences of working with charitable organisations in Kuala Lumpur, a group of volunteers initiated the vision of establishing permanent centres in Malaysia to feed, shelter and rehabilitate the homeless and urban/rural poor, and to understand, and raise awareness of the causes of such and in the long term, to reduce the flow of poverty by providing a place of training and assistance and source employment opportunities to help make the poor employable and for them to re-enter society.

The poor do not want charity they need inspiration.

Here's what one volunteer had to say (taken from their FB group post)
"They feed the less fortunate every night at midnight starting at 1130pm to 4/5am the next day (except Thursdays). I joined them for the first time last night .....

What amazed me the most from this experience is that most of the volunteers in the group were young people like me, and half of them have been doing it for years. Reach Out Malaysia has been feeding people for the past 5 years....

Some of the homeless men I met spoke in perfect English and are smart. They are not dumb or crazy as what many people would think....

What made these people go to the street we wonder? AllahuAlam, only God knows."

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