Sunday, 11 March 2012

Crafting to help animal shelter dogs & cats

Consider this :

"Animal rescue shelters must be built and furnished in a practical manner that allows for a sterile environment.  That means steel and cement in most cases.  Warmth and the comfort of something to snuggle into is invaluable to homeless animals like cats, dogs, and even birds.  Shelters usually accept old towels and blankets for animal cages and will also welcome crocheted, knit or sewn items.

Beginners and students especially enjoy these fast, easy patterns.  The best part about crafting for animals is the results don’t have to be perfect, fancy or color coordinated.  They make awesome scrap or recycling projects too

read on... to see what crafts u can do to help your local Animal Shelters like PAWS & SPCA.
Before you begin:
  • Crafting materials should be tough and easy to wash & dry, such as acrylic yarn.
  • Use solid, tight stitches that will hold up to wear, rough handling and frequent washing.
  • Avoid patterns with holes as they’re not as comfortable or warm,  and little paws can get tangled in them.
  • Quilt batting and stuffing is usually discouraged as it can easily be ripped apart.  According to The Snuggles Project, layers of recycled scrap material is preferred when stuffing is required.
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