Saturday, 14 July 2012

Printmaking.. in Malaysia

Wave - Gold leaf silkscreen by Frank Woo
 Frank Woo asked me whether i could help write an essay about Printmaking in Malaysia for an up-coming international printmaking exhibition in Macau. Hmm.. Oh..Ok..wa. I like challenges & a chance to widen my knowledge. So initially, i searched the net, visited the Balai Seni Visual Negara resource centre & spent the whole afternoon reading Malaysian Art History books at the National Library, and had a long chat with Frank again about all the tokoh-tokoh (greats) of printmaking in Malaysia.

Pretty interesting stuff. It's like art meets craft. In printmaking, the end result looks deceptively simple to a layman. But in reality, many hours of work, patience, concentration, experimentation with diferent materials/paper, tools & kinds of inkall come together to either make or break a print. So many things can go wrong..

Hence my journey begins..into this world of Malaysian printmakers... And did i mention? It's a 5000 word essay - OMG!!

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