Friday, 13 July 2012


Life comes a full-circle for me. I wasnt a particularly active writer in school. In fact essay writing was much of a chore for me (and for many, i suspect).  Now i know why.  There was nothing much i wanted to write about. But dad always taught us to seek knowledge, to question the questions and form our own opinions. And after years of questioning (and there were much that i questioned), searching (for so long) and learning to express myself, I became rather opinionated (ha ha..).  A fren encouraged me to start blogging. Guess he got tired of me using him as a sounding board for expounding my theories on life & other commentary. One blog lead to another and soon there was a family of 'crazee' blogs :)

Kak Fuziah's sketches @Artists Colony, Kompleks Kraf Kebangsaan, Jln Conlay.

And blogging has opened up other avenues related to writing about subjects of interest to me. I met lots of diverse & artful souls, through interviewing 100 artists for a book project. I was also asked to review a new futuristic fitness concept.  Now, a long essay for an international exhibition in Macau is in the works.  For all these opportunities, i am thankful.

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