Thursday, 25 October 2012


 Life just gives u so many twist and turns, up-turns, left turns, wrong turns but in the end u still arrive at your 'destination'.. However the actual destination may not be the 'destination' you originally aimed for.

So what does one do - if life is so unpredictable? Religious persons may have a pre-determined idea of their end destination, but i prefer to leave things open and explore various possibilities. "Go with the flow" doctor (GP) says.  I add.. "Be grateful no matter  where u land up".  Even meeting my current GP was a chance of fate. One evening i was so sick and so i dragged myself to the nearest clinic, registered with them and waited. But the queue was long and so i did something i don't normally do.  The pain was unbearable - so i just left the clinic and headed for the one further down the road. The young lady doctor on duty was not too experienced but was able to alleviate my pain. I was not convinced of her diagnosis though and so a few days later I visited the clinic again in the morning and met another doctor, the senior partner. There were no patients and so i managed to chat with the doc who gave me some wisdom about people, health and life. And so, now I've found my doctor, one who really listens, has the experience and cares for his patients. Am grateful!

Planning for the Macau / Shenzhen trip also had its moments of suspense. Once the trip was confirmed a few months ago, i started 'obsessing' (yes,..that's what my friend call it) about what to bring, what to wear... This may sound like vain, trivial matters to a seasoned traveler on holiday, but I'm a first time long-haul traveler traveling there to cover the events of an international exhibition with a group of 8 artists. So, i need something weather appropriate, functional as i have to run around and yet elegant and arty for the opening and dinners.  I am also going as the head of a creative association and so a certain creative, professional image is expected.

Three weeks before departure, we still did not have definite plans for our visit to Guanlan Printmaking Base in Shenzhen. Luckily, we found a travel agent (through a fren) who arranged the package for us at a reasonable price. And so everything was settled. Whew!

Now, the last leg of my preparation is more domestic. Bills to be paid, stocking up the larder & freezer with provisions for those at home, changing currencies, blogs to update & googling bits of info about the intended destination and touching up my grey highlights... hehe..

21 days to go!

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