Saturday, 22 February 2014


Recently, I experienced a surprising cross over from crafting to painting at the previous art jamming session. My first fully completed art piece is this yellow one with a misai kucing (a bit stylised version) plant, painted specially for a fren who has migrated to the colder side of the world.

So hoping this painting will remind her of her former home, Malaysia and all the frens she left to  partake on her next life adventure!

So, it's possible, huh.. to paint? Even though i have interviewed artists and mingled in their circle, taking to the brush is a 'life-changing', quite nerve-wrecking experience for me but the artists and art enthusiasts i met at the previous art jam made it easy and gave me the confidence to let my imagination soar, as u can see from the light strokes of my wide brush in the background.

Then it took me another hour to finally be brave enough to draw & paint the plant & flowers. i liked the background and was VERY AFRAID i will spoil the effect if my drawing was not up to par. But acrylic paint is very forgiving and an easy medium to use.

Enjoying art, creativilty (and some snacks) among friends!


Photo credits : Ben Toh (The Refinery)
Event ;  ART JAMMING  

~~ personalised my gift ~~
Next Art Jam is this Sunday -- 23 Feb

Click for directions to :  d7 Sentul East Desgn Centre (Courtyard)

This event DOES NOT happen every week. So do check the FB page for up-coming happenings

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