Saturday, 18 January 2014


I was asked by someone opening an art & craft shop soon to suggest some crafts and painting workshops. This was timely, as this year i have decided to dedicate to getting back into 'creative pursuits' instead of just writing / reviewing  / organising it. Wanted to get hands on into it. It started with creating samples for polymer clay, macrame, mosaics, etc.

Then at Art Friends art supply shop i bought acrylic paints in 3 basic colours and some canvases.  This was my first time playing with acrylics. And that was good. I had no preconceptions. It was pure experimentation. Because it was rather costly, i only squeezed out a tiny drop and tried to spread it to no avail. Too thick. How do it thin it? The packaging said this was a water-based paint. So i dipped my brush into clean water and dabbed on the paint. It began to spread, looking like watercolour.. i was intriqued. Still not very confident, i painted on only a small canvas board... using a large flat brush and going in circles, blending the red & yellow in a soothing gradation. Was pretty happy with the outcome.

Then progressed to a tiny canvas and played with a little blue into the palette. Loved the way the colours mixed with each other, with a little help from my brush and the water.

So this is how a artist feels, i guess - although my soiree into acrylics is just very basic, but the JOY of seeing a few dabs of colour emerging into a sort off painting, is what prompted me to want to help others break the MYTH that painting is difficult. On the other hand, i do acknowledge that it takes the artist hours and hours of practice to come up with the the concept and the painting itself.. to be an art piece. This is the artists' journey and talent.

But i believe anyone, given the right prompting and taught the basics can produce something pleasant to the eye, soothing to the their own soul and decent enough to show to frens. I wish to rename the process - COLOUR PLAY, to avoid unpleasant memories of school art class where most people feel intimidated.

So, allow me to DREAM and ENVISION that one day soon i will be able to spread the love of painting and remove the fear of failure. This comes from one (myself) who has crossed over from observer to doer. I understand the reluctance, the self-doubts, the stiff hand, ..

These are some of my experiments in colour play :
This is a 3" x 3" mini painting inspired by my guppies. I simply love the colours.. The hues and tones, flowing brush strokes. Imagine so many shades with just yellow, blue and tinge of red. Such joy in creating this effect!

But being CREATIVE takes effort.. We need to train the eye & mind to see art in ordinary things, to see new possibilities. So i started a journal to keep practicing. Each time i get an idea, i quickly sketch it. A useful practice.

Here's my first attempt at MIXED MEDIA - acrylic painting - transparent colour wash, hand painting, opaque painting, stamping, ..

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