Thursday, 22 August 2013

Leonardo d Vinci - on the Science of Art

Well said, Leonardo da Vinci! 

A gem from a FB page called The Great Library of Alexandria. It is inspired by the Great Library of Alexandria that existed in the 3rd century B.C.E in Egypt, under the rule of Ptolemaic dynasty (Egypt's Hellenic period). 

"It was filled with every bit of information about the known world at the time, which included Astronomy, Philosophy, the Human body, Medicine and many many more. Many famous philosophers came to the library to study the mysteries of the natural world and figure out the many questions that we face in life. It was said that in the 4th century A.D philosophers had almost discovered the mystery of why objects always fall to the ground and not float away (Gravity). The circumference of the earth was discovered at the library and also it became a known fact that the world was round and not flat."

The page administrator writes :

"I would like to create a page where like minded people can converse and try and philosophize the mysteries of life and our existence. It doesn't matter if you believe in god or not, nor does it matter if you believe the earth is flat, we are all here to learn off each other and ponder the mysteries of our existence.

Every member must follow the five tenets and respect them or they shall be removed from the page

Five Tenets;
1: There is no such thing as a unintelligent person, nor is there such thing as a stupid question.
2: We're all brothers and sisters, act like it
3: Harsh language or abusive language will not be tolerated
4: Ask questions, be curious
5: We're all here to help each other achieve some sort of enlightenment, help each other and be respective to one another.

And i write :
Yes, i do believe, to nurture creativity, one must have a wandering mind, a mind that forever seeks the mysteries of life. One doesn't just paint or crafts. Besides having to develop a skill in painting or improve one's craftsmanship and using a medium to its full potential; one also has to explore the possibilities of this world to its length and breath, to question, to seek and then put into 'form' those ideas, questions, found answers - in whatever medium one chooses.

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