Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Angie's passion for painting

I was on my way to the gym when a cute, little doggy caught my eye! Those bright eyes, fluffy hair & impish grin :)

These are Angie's hand-painted tees!

This was my first encounter with Angie's work, but she had just gone home so I could not meet her in person. I found her on Facebook & she later joined our ACG Malaysia (facebook group)

I finally met up with her at Ikano for a long chat (that's the fun part of this 'job') about her inspiration & challenges faced when selling her painted items.

She is a self-taught artist and has developed her own technique in painting these lovely doggies. She uses only one type of brush. Her brush strokes are layered & wispy - capturing the playfulness of these little pets.

Previously in advertising, she now paints full-time, runs her art business & is mother to two boys. How does she fit all these into her daily life? With passion & determination!! Her boys give her purpose & painting provides an avenue for creativity & financial support.

Besides painting on clothes, she also paints on stools, boxes, bottle & stone!

Customers can either buy off-the-rack painted tee-shirts, spaghetti tops, shirts or request for customise (bring your pets photo) or personalise (inscribe a message on the off-the rack tees) items.

And for those who like a more meaningful Birthday party for their child (rather than follicking with Ronald McDonald), you could book Angie's craft parties. She will provide all materials & guidance for 4 hours or more. Kids get to paint and bring their 'masterpiece' home as party favours (rather than just fries or chocolate) coupled with fun memories (and learn something, in the process)! Even adults can have themed parties (Halloween, Valentine's, Xmas, etc.) & show off their creativity (for those less artistically inclined, Angie can give pointers or maybe end up painting for you....Ha ha.. Now Everyone Can Paint! )

Her tees are currently on sale in Ikano's Christmas Bazaar (1 month outdoor promotion). Or more regularly at Bangsar Village 2 - flea market on Sat & Sun, 10am-7pm

More enquiries :
Angie Cheah 012-2330 638 (

Her blog will be up soon (assisted by ACG's craft blogger)

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