Sunday, 2 August 2009

Painting on auction -

Buah Seto Tok Ma (Grandma's mangosteen)

Pak Zawi, a fellow blogger has created a blog to auction off paintings donated by a Kelantan painter Chegu Mazeri Othman or Deen as he prefers himself to be called. He gave away the painting so that it can auctioned off and the proceed will go to 'Tabung Kebajikan Tok Sangkut' (Tok Sangkut Benevolent Fund)

This is the first painting donated by Chegu Mazeri Othman of Kampong Tok Sangkut. The proceed from this sale will go towards the purchase of materials for new paintings to be done by Chegu Mazeri. The new paintings made from materials bought from this initial sale will be auctioned off at this blog to generate a contant source of income for this fund.

Tok Sangkut Benevolent Fund is being established with the sole purpose of helping the school children around the village of Tok Sangkut and the immediate areas around it.

For details about the painter & his efforts to set up this benevolent fund (in Bahasa Malaysia) (in English)

To place your bids & auction details :

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