Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Light Show Exhibition & Make your own lamps workshop

I meant to put up this post earlier but pressing matters kept me occupied. And so I missed the official opening which i am sure was a blast! If you have the time, i would greatly recommend everyone & anyone (creative or creativity-challenged) to go for the DIY ........ workshop (details below).

Crafts are not for kids only.. Do explore your creativity (everyone is creative - except some think they are not becos at school their drawings do not resemble the real thing... hey haven't you heard of Picasso?). Who knows, you may end up with a workable, one-of-a kind, 'designer' table lamp to the envy of your friends!

I will also have to give the workshops a miss because of work commitments :((

However, do enjoy :

THE LIGHT SHOW 2009 - Light Sculpture Exhibition

Thu 16 Apr to Sun 3 May, 11am to 7pm

The Light Show 2009 presents an assortment of lights and light installations made from recycled/found objects to humour, cajole and inspire. Exhibitors include Bernard Chauly, Carolyn Lau, Fabian Tan, Farah Azizan, Jazmi Izwan Jamal, Lisa Foo, Loh Kok Man, Mah Su Sim, and Richard Lau.

Inspired and motivated by their respective interests and disciplines, the participants of TLS09 are bound by the commitment to be “greener” and kinder to our environment. And who says green can’t be beautiful? From PET bottles to milk cartons, plastic shopping bags to drinking straws, phased out incandescent light bulbs to old-skool cola bottles, these everyday materials have been rescued, re-used and re-imagined as light sculptures inspired by marine life-forms, whimsical one-off items, useful objects and many more.

THE LIGHT SHOW WORKSHOPS Learn how to make your own light installations! Both workshops will demonstrate methods used to work with specific materials. Participants will make one lampshade to take home.

Workshop 1 - Working with PET bottles: Sat 25 Apr, 2.30pm to 4pm

BYO (bring your own) tools & recycling materials = 10 large 1.5litre/15-20 small plastic drinks bottles, cutting blade, needles.

Workshop 2 - Fusing Plastic Bags: Sat 2 May, 2.30pm to 4pm

BYO (bring your own) tools and recycled materials = 15-20 assorted plastic shopping bags, an iron, cutting blade

Fees RM15 per workshop. Limited to 15 participants per workshop. Payment is required to secure a place!

or check out Facebook group TLS09 for more info.

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