Monday, 9 March 2009

Human Watching : Mystical realism and the art of Jeganathan Ramachandram - 17 Feb 2009 - 15 Mar 2009

Human Watching is the result of 14 years of research culminating with Jeganathan Ramachandram' residency at GALERI PETRONAS, KLCC in year 2008.

This exhibition, which began literally as an exercise in watching people, explores the artist's new age mystical approach to understanding human nature through the study of faces in relation to the day in the week that the sitter was born on. Each of his 14 paintings focuses on the general characteristics and physical attributes as well as the compatibility of life partners of those born on a particular day.

Also shown is a video comprising fragments of thousands of photographic portraits of both famous and anonymous individuals arranged according to the day of the week on which the subject was born, which was collected by the artist over the course of his research.
Human Watching continues at the Bustle Gallery till 15 March 2009.
The exhibition Human Watching's limited edition commemorative postcards is available for purchase at the GALERI Shop. Postcards(7): RM15

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