Wednesday, 25 February 2009


An exciting week of local & international design 'mega creative' events is coming our way from 27th March - 4th April 2009.

KLDW - "promises a wide mix of creative thoughts and eclectic ideas, of imaginative programmes and inspiring showcases, plus loads more under one grand event of “Show + Shine”, to showcase what we don't have, and to enhance what we do have.

One time, One community, One aspiration...One event to steer and boost “Malaysia's Creative Economy!”"

Having seen their website & read their write-up in the Star papers yesterday, 2 events stand out :

BECOME – Be an ECO friend like Me! exhibition
It was initiated on the realisation that the Designers must play a bigger and more pro-active role in inculcating awareness, change of attitudes and lifestyle among its audience and followers.

Every single person living on this planet is accountable and responsible for his/ her actions. As part of this commitment, KLDW has vouched to make a more concerted effort to do its part in saving our planet; and being a centre of design excellence, KLDW 2009 is an ideal place to foster these values.

This exhibition/campaign will also be implemented as a follow up continuously throughout the years until its objectives have been met.

  • To create an awareness program among the City folks community of the importance of conserving the environment.

  • To nurture the love for the environment through eco-friendly projects organized by Locals & International Designers.

  • To disseminate information and knowledge on how the City folks community can help make a difference and save the environment.

  • To change the mindset and lifestyle of the City folk’s community so as to live in a loving harmony with the healthy environment.

OVERALL CONCEPT : “BECOME” is one of the exhibition projects in KL Design Week focusing on saving the environment and a campaign platform urging general public to “say no to plastic bag!” hence, educate our future generation to inculcate cares and loving the natures.

IDEA : We are planning to collect 1000+7 designs from designers from around the world carrying saving the green illustrated messages. These pictures or graphic illustration will be printed on recyclable and reusable bag materials and will be exhibited by hanging on trees around the parks of Kuala Lumpur.

VENUE: CapSquare KL // DATE: 4th April 2009 // TIME: 10.00am - 5.00pm

In an effort to evoke a sense of fun and mystery to the KLDW 2009 project, the city of KL is set to be bombed by an array of Secret Tents, a creative space where anything goes.

Each individual secret tent is expected to showcase unique works of art and design, be it from an individual, a duo or as a collective group. The wide range of displays will represent the thoughts and insights of our very own young guns, our hope for the new Malaysian Creative Economy. It will provide a sneak peek into what we may expect of our design industry in the near future.


Super Motion CONFERENCE : is a unique conference that celebrates the various disciplines of design, animation and motion graphics. This conference is for Designers and Animators who are exploring the possibilities of international careers in these fields.

Maximum Minimalism CONFERENCE : where the crucial issues of contemporary design will be examined. A growing consciousness of environmental and social responsibility calls for simplicity, innovation, sustainability. Good design is a concept that encompasses sensibility with a sense of economy and is often inspired by necessity.

International Designers FORUM 1 : serves as a platform for designers to deconstruct and discuss the happenings and scene of design unique to their city. As each design scene has distinctive features, cultures, art/design history and aesthetics, thisforum hopes to uncover the individual situations and secrets of each city, to better understand each region and its design, in contrast with design on the global level.

International & Malaysian MASTER CLASSES : specially-invited guests and speakers will present their works, as well as share their creative processes, artistic journey, technological know-how as well as details as to how a certain piece of work is constructed.

International EXHIBITIONS & INSTALLATIONS : include an exhibition of the intricate and luscious illustrations of Aya Kato, A retrospective of David Carson's posters, Heath Nash's beautiful creations made out of recycled materials, Double Thumbs-Up Exhibition by IDN Hong Kong, Art & Sound by Dual City Session - Singapore/Japan, New Wave by Jackson Tan, Studio 4°C by Koji Morimoto, Hexa Project from Japan, Lava by Chris Bosse, Sweden Graphics & Uselessshoppe from Singapore.

and the list goes on .....



senja said...

crazee - do come see our show at The Annexe Gallery, Central Market on now till the 3rd may - The Light Show 2009 - lights/light installations made from found objects.
facebook group: TLS09

i laud your passion and efforts.
one thing i have realised is we malaysians place emphasis mainly on recycling - which really should be/is the last resort. the main objective for a greener planet should be to reduce first, then reuse. some of us in The Light Show 09 like the term Upcycle.


Crazee Patches said...

Thanks for the invite. Will try to make it.

I wholly agree with you. There is too much emphasis on Recycling. We should actually REDUCE first. Then, REUSE whatever we can't reduce for RECYCLing requires additional processing which uses up precise energy resources.

Cutting down on the number of plastic bags we get per day is a very good start. But I must say that I have to constantly 'fight' with the sellers who insist on putting my purchase into yet another plastic bag! Sogo still insist on encasing my purchases in a pink plastic bag and then plonk it into another larger plastic carrier bag.

More on this :

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