Friday, 3 October 2008

Welcome to Bruno's Art & Sculpture Garden.

This is my MOST FAVOURITE wooden sculpture. See how the head is carved into the existing tree bark!

A friend emailed a Powerpoint presentation to me and I was blown over -- such whimsical, yet endearing treatment of the artist's subject matter, the blending of nature with humanistic figures, full of expression. Walking through the garden, pulling back the shrubbery, the branches, you feel like you have stumbled upon a whole new world - you feel that you are eaves-dropping!(Hypotheically speaking - lah... cos I've yet to visit this wonderful place! Ha Ha..)

"Hidden amongst the trees of the small Victorian village of Marysville is a world full of fantasy, beauty and humour. Surrounded by the magical rainforest setting, Bruno Torfs has created one of the world's most unique and deeply inspiring experiences for art and garden lovers of all ages."

About the artist: (taken from http://www.brunosart/)
"Bruno Torfs was born in South America and lived there with his family till the age of fifteen. At this point the whole family made the move to Europe in seek of new opportunities. After training and working as a sign writer Bruno made a gradual transition to become a fulltime artist.
Through his diverse talents and a spirit for adventure Bruno created a unique style full of culture and character. This was achieved through many trips around the world, both alone and with his wife Marleen. Sketching the scenes and faces of his journeys allowed Bruno to return home and make oil painting and sculpture versions of his experiences. These artworks would then be sold in a series of annual exhibitions hosted in the lower levels of the family home.

After several years of this lifestyle, Bruno and the family made a decision to pack up and move to Australia to create a sculpture garden that he would run as a permanent attraction. The family arrived in Melbourne and shortly after had found the perfect place in the small Victorian village of Marysville. The luscious sub-alpine forests of the surrounding area were the ideal setting for Bruno's plan and luckily the property he purchased he a large section of rain forest attached.
After five months of backbreaking work Bruno's art and sculpture garden was opened to the public. Also on the property was a gallery that housed over 200 of his artworks brought over from Europe that included oil paintings, sketches and smaller sculptures.
The garden began with just fifteen life sizes terracotta sculptures, today there are over one hundred and fifteen pieces on display and Bruno is still making regular additions. The unique experience of the garden and its wondrous inhabitants attracts thousands of visitors a year. Bruno and the family still live there and always take great pleasure in being able to share their magnificent art treasure with all that come. "

If you are planning a trip to Melbourne, Australia, you should add this to your itinerary. Its 95 km from Melbourne. Location map :

On a personal note,
I am sad that one of my cousins, who I have only recently become close to is leaving for Melbourne for good. I hope she has time to visit Bruno's garden once she has settled down. But as technology is great, I'm sure we can still keep in contact, electronically..So until we physically meet again, Bon Voyage, S.H & family. All the best in your chosen path!
(Photo of 2 generations of Chinese & Malay cousins, during our annual Hari Raya Open House @ Aunt R's - posing in front of our Malaysian flag )

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