Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Annexe Gallery @CM

Wondering... What's happened to the Central Market? You should pay it a visit. But before that, do check out the latest exhibitions & art activities lined-up for the coming months. Be the first to see both local & foreign artists latest creative endeavour....

"The Annexe Gallery, located behind the recently rebranded Central Market, was launched in January 2007 as a centre for contemporary arts. Making the perfect complement to the more traditional Central Market, The Annexe Gallery provides spaces for the ongoing expression of present generations – whether they are artists or audiences, locals or tourists, young or young-at-heart. We hope to bring together folks from all walks of life in the shared adventure of art in order to make the arts a vital part of Malaysia’s public and private life.

We are proud that The Annexe Gallery is able to contribute towards the growth and awareness of Malaysian arts and cultural scene at the same time provide an avenue for the youths of today to observe, and for others to express themselves creativity.

Not only will this go towards the promotion of a creative class of social and economic thinkers but eventually boost Malaysia’s tourism industry and further boost its foreign income. With the accessible and central location served by various modes of public transport systems such as public and tour buses, KTM Komuter and LRT lines; we believe it is a great location as the “Meeting Point of Kuala Lumpur” arts and culture scene to get together."

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