Friday, 8 February 2008

CNY greetings from Balai Seni Lukis Negara & Muzium Seni Asia, UM

Hey, ACG members - the 'Balai' (National Art Gallery, Malaysia) still remembers us!

Here's a CNY card from Dr. Mohamed Najib bin Ahmad Dawa, Ketua Pengarah BSLN. The card features a Chinese brush painting by Prof. Liu Hai Sou entitled "Birds of Spring" 1967-001.

But what I missed most is Pn Wairah's (former Ketua Pengarah) card which features her own painting!

Btw, this year is the Balai's 50th Anniversary (1958-2008).

Happy Golden Anniversary, BSLN!!

We are also on the mailing list of Museum Seni Asia, Universiti Malaya. Here's their CNY card : It features an antique 'kendi' (water pitcher) - Kangxi (AD 1662-1722) from their collection.

"Porcelain Kendi of this quality are very rare. In the insular South-East Asia, Chinese porcelain was the symbol of high social status and welfare. People also believed that porcelain had magical attributes."

Their kendi collection is the biggest in Malaysia. The museum is open to the public.

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